The energy that is produced by the sun is simple and clean, but the process of getting connected to that energy can be confusing and often times daunting.

Solar companies seem to all sell the same equipment, offer the same incentives and say they are the best in the industry. Most people, who are in the process of solar searching, would say that when it comes down to it, some solar companies tactics and the information they provide can appear deceiving and confusing.

It’s situations like this where a company like Infinity Energy can help act as your guide to finding the right solar solutions to help fit your needs and your budget. Our Power of Three Philosophy will help simplify, clarify and quantify the process of connecting to the power of the sun.

Made in America makes all the difference

What’s the best solar panel out there and does it even matter? Whether you are deciding to lease or own your solar system it is important to choose the right solar panels.  So which ones do you go with? At Infinity Energy we believe in american-made panels. We’ve partnered with companies like Sunpower which not only provide you with high efficient panels but have incredible warranties.

Developing lifetime relationships

We firmly believe that our customers come first! It is our mission to develop lifetime relationships with our customers. We also believe in giving back. We have partnered with local food banks that want to make a difference. For every solar system installed Infinity Energy has committed to feed two families for a week.

Keeping cost low makes your savings high

Do you want to be with a company that focus’s on offering the best product, price, and service? Our goal at Infinity Energy is to keep our operating and installation costs low so we can focus on saving you as much money as possible.  We know how annoying and expensive it is paying your utility every month so we focus on providing the lowest energy costs with no upfront fees.  Give us a call today and see how were different.

“Infinity installed solar on my house recently and everyone was very professional. I was able to meet the owners who were honest and helped walk me through the process. My overall experience has been great. The thing I'm most happy about is telling PGE (local overpriced utility) to get lost, now that I am generating my own energy.” — Jordan B.

A+ consumer rating, and using the best technology.