Our customers understand the infinity difference.

Making the decision to go solar is one of the best probably easiest decisions you could make. Solar just makes sense all the way around. Deciding which company to partner with to get you connected to the power of the sun, is a much more difficult situation.

We can give you all kinds of reasons to choose Infinity Energy, but we would rather you hear it straight from our customers.

Infinity blew other solar companies away

“To make a long story short, Infinity has American made products and the best financial options available. Their customer service and professional attitude just made it easy.”

— Jorge Tapia

Dave Hilyer thought Infinity made the most sense

I’m an engineer and I like to really know what’s going on. I ended up calling five different solar companies and when Infinity came out they by far made the most sense.

— Dave Hilyer

The Kohler Family Wanted a Partner

“Infinity Energy surpassed my high expectations. They delivered a superior American manufactured Solar Energy Generation System at an exceptional value. A flawless installation!”

— The Kohler Family

“Infinity installed solar on my house recently and everyone was very professional. I was able to meet the owners who were honest and helped walk me through the process. My overall experience has been great. The thing I’m most happy about is telling PGE (local overpriced utility) to get lost, now that I am generating my own energy.” — Jordan B.

A+ consumer rating, and using the best technology.