Los Angeles Solar Savings: Cut your utility bill by up to 60% with $0 Down!

Solar Installation in Los Angeles has never been easier (or more affordable!)

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Going solar can save you lots of money, with no upfront investment. Find out exactly how much money you'll save by contacting us today. Contact us today.

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Why Go Solar in Los Angeles?


The average Los Angeles solar customer saves over 40% on their monthly energy bill.


Los Angeles solar panel owners are protected from future spikes in utility rates.


Studies have shown that home values rise when solar panels are installed.

There are a bunch of solar companies in Los Angeles: how do you choose the best one?

While other solar companies in Los Angeles limit you to one “choice”, we customize your solar solution to your individual needs and lifestyle.


Because we’re solar brokers, which means we work with the top solar panel manufacturers to offer you the best panels at the best prices. Don’t settle for a lower quality solar panel company in Los Angeles.  Choosing Infinity Energy means you’ll pay the lowest price possible for the best quality solar power system.

We guarantee you won’t find a better deal.

Choosing Infinity Energy for your Los Angeles solar needs enables you the ability to choose which option is best for you. Because we’re not trying to push “our products” on you, we listen to you and work with you and allow you to choose after we’ve given you all the information. And we price match guarantee any solar power system in Los Angeles, so you won’t find a better deal!

Want a free Gift Card? We’ll give you a $25 Gift Card just for sitting down with one of our Energy Advisers.  Call 951-305-4152 or CLICK HERE to request a free quote.

Our customers understand the Infinity Energy difference

“What I really appreciated about Infinity Energy was that we didn’t feel any pressure…I felt really comfortable and I felt that all my questions were answered.  We started saving money as soon as we were hooked up!”

— The Kohler Family

Just how easy is it to get Los Angeles Solar Panel Installation?


Free Consultation

You will meet with a trained energy adviser who will help determine if you qualify for a no-cost solar program for your home.You will be able to choose from a variety of solar options.


Engineering & Design

One of our trained site surveyors will inspect your roof and sun exposure using the most advanced Solar technology. Our Los Angeles, Ca solar design engineers will then create a custom site plan maximizing your savings.


Installation & Savings

Our seasoned solar installers are passionate about quality and efficient solar installations. They arrive at sunrise and complete the average sized system prior to you returning for for the day.

We have an A+ consumer rating, and we install the highest quality solar panels on the market.

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Going solar can save you lots of money, with no upfront investment. Find out exactly how much money you'll save by contacting us today. Contact us today.

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Los Angeles solar savings: Infinity Energy is leading the way

As a leading Los Angeles solar installation company, we want to design a custom solar solutions that fits your lifestyle and budget. We want to turn your home or business into an energy and cost saving property. We treat our customers like family, and offer them the most effective solar panels in Los Angeles at the best prices. We can personalize your solar power solution with perfect measuring to make your design wishes come true.

San Diego Solar FAQ’s and more information

Naturally, if you’re in the market for Solar Panel Installation in Los Angeles, CA, you’re going to have a lot of questions. We wanted to make sure you were presented all the information that you needed and tried to have as many questions answered as possible before you sat down with one of our Energy Advisers in order to make the best, most informed decision about which solar panels are right for you.

Where can I get customized Solar Panels in Los Angeles, Ca?

If you are looking for custom designed solar products for your Los Angeles, CA home or business, and for the best customer service in the industry, then Infinity Energy is the company for you. With an office based in the Los Angeles area, our friendly staff of solar technicians provides the best in one-of-a-kind solar installations. With us, you are sure to find the perfect solar panel for your Los Angeles residential or commercial property. Our knowledgeable solar advisers are professionals that will come to your property and provide you with an in-depth consultation for a customized solar solution. Plus you’ll get a $25 gift card just for meeting with us!